Doran's passion for photography began as a young teen and has continued to grow as he has spent more than two decades developing and perfecting his style to what it is today. He has explored numerous aspects of the art and is among a select few photographers world-wide to hold all three degree distinctions from the Professional Photographers of America - Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, and Master of Electronic Imaging.Through his membership in the American Society of Photographers, Doran was honored in 2008 as the 98th world wide recipient of his Fellowship degree. He has been honored time and again with such awards as The Photographer of the Year, Indiana's Top 10, The Kodak Gallery Award, The Fuji Masterpiece Award, The Imaging Excellence Award, and the National Award. His work has traveled with the PPA Loan Collection, and has been on display at Photokina in Cologn, Germany.
Doran's love of photography has led him to become involved in many photography organizations for he realized at an early age that his best education would come as a result of knowing and working with photographers who were already masters in the art. He has learned invaluable lessons from his friends and peers in photography and hopes to pass that along to upcoming generations by continuing to travel as a judge and speaker.
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